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The following is information of Taizhou's economy & export. You will know more about Taizhou.

Economic Trends

Main Branches of Industry

International Trade

Economic Trends

Taizhou has developed advanced market economy and strong manufacturing industry, furthermore, already setting up its own characteristic and modern industrial items with a rational structure. As the birth place of the Chinese share cooperative economy, Taizhou has famous enterprises in China and abroad, such as: Feiyue, Qianjiang, Jili, Xixi, Haizheng, Supor, Gem, etc. There are five famous trademarks of China, seven Chinese leading brand products in Taizhou. The market occupation rate of 48 products, produced in Taizhou, rank the first place.

The aim is to develop Taizhou into an advanced production base in the delta zone of Changjiang River, a big modern harbor city in the south-eastern coast and the innovative demonstration zone of Chinese private economy.

Main Branches of Industry

Taizhou is privileged to have natural resources and industrious people. It is the main home of grain in Zhejiang. It is mainly a fishing area and home to many of China's fruits and was the first place where the per mu output of rice exceeded 500KG and 1,000KG in China. Its total crop seeded area of non-grain, such as vegetables, fruits, oil-bearing crops, and flowers and so on, totaled 121.57 kilo-hectares. The proportion of grain-seeded area to non-grain seeded area was 57.2 to 42.8. The industrial economy developed fast.

Taizhou is important Chinese production & export bases for automobile and motorcycle accessories, plastic and moulds, household appliances, garment machinery, pumps and valves, art and craft articles, pharmaceutical and chemical products, shoes, caps and garment and also seafood, fruits and foodstuff.

International Trade

Automobile and Motorcycle Accessories

Taizhou is an important production base of automobile and motorcycle accessories in China. There are 3240 enterprises producing motorcycle and automobile accessories in Taizhou. Jili Group is the first private corporation to produce cars. Qianjiang Motorcycle Group is listed in the first place in sales in domestic market.

Plastic Moulds

Taizhou is the largest production base of plastic moulds in China and it enjoys the reputation as "the hometown of moulds" and "the kingdom of plastic products". There are more than 10 thousand enterprises producing plastic or moulds in Taizhou. The consumption of raw materials of plastic resin accounts for 12.5% of the total consumption in China. Besides daily necessities, engineering plastics, electromechanical accessories and packing plastics are produced in Taizhou. Mould industry occupies the Chinese leading level, and possesses most advanced manufacturing center machine in the world. 95% of the mould products are plastic moulds.

Household Appliances

Taizhou is an important production base of electrical household appliances and refrigeration fitting in China. The volume of production and sale of freezers, air conditioning plant, pressure cooker and lavatory appliances occupies the first place in the whole country. Xingxing, Supor and ASD Aishida are Chinese famous trademarks. Shuanglu air conditioners are exempt from national quality inspection.

Garment Machinery

Taizhou is the largest production and export base of garment machinery in China. There are nearly 2000 enterprises producing garment machinery in Taizhou, and can produce more than 300 kinds of products, such as industrial sewing machines, household sewing machine, electronic cutting machine, etc. And the annual output capacity reaches 4 million, the output and export quantity account for 40% of China, occupying the first in the whole country; winding sewing machine and output of cutting machine account for 70% of international market. Feiyue Group is the biggest sewing machine producing company in China, and Feiyue and Gem are evaluated the Chinese Famous Brand.

Pumps and Valves

Taizhou is a well-known production and export base of water pumps and valves with more than 13,000 enterprises. The scale, technology and quality of water pump products rank in the top place of the whole country. Domestic market occupation rate of some products is up to 75%, such as submersible pump, spiral shell pole pump and household pump, etc. It is homeland of the pump, capital of Chinese valve for Taizhou. Taizhou is also the largest production and export base of low-voltage copper valve in China, and the export quantity of low-voltage copper valve and heating fittings accounts for more than 50% of the whole country.

Craft and Gift

Taizhou, with more than 13,000 enterprises, is one of the largest production and export bases of Christmas gifts in Southeast Asia. There are seven big class series, nearly ten thousand product varieties of products: Festival products, tour products, adornments, toy products, carving products, woven ware, cloth products, etc. The products find a good sale in more than 80 countries and regions of six continents. The output and export quantity of wooden craft, festival light, sun umbrella, car ornament, etc. occupies the first place in China.

Shoes, Caps and Garment

The shoes, caps and garment industry in Taizhou possess the largest amount of enterprises comparied with other industries. Shoe and hat category includes mould plastics imitative leather shoes, genuine leather shoes, sneakers, mould plastics sandals, straw cap and craft cap, etc., traditionally 12 series, more than 40 products; Taizhou is the largest production and export base of mould plastics shoes in China, and the export quantity of mould plastic imitative leather shoes accounts for more than 50% of the whole country; the clothing has nearly 10 kinds of products in five major series, such as: wool sweater, suit, children's clothes and traditional mandarin coat, etc.

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